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Birthday Party Policies and Procedures


1-10 children
$117, w/tax $126.04
11-15 children
$142,w/tax $152.97
16-20 children
$165 w/tax $177.75
21-25 children
$190, w/tax $204.68

1-10 children
$110, w/tax $118.50
11-15 children
$135, w/tax $145.43
16-20 children
$160, w/tax $172.36
21-25 children
$185, w/tax 199.29   

Birthday parties must be paid in advance. If more children attend, the balance

must be paid at the beginning of the party.

The party includes two hours of fun with a coach.

The birthday boy or girl will receive a Northwest t-shirt

The children will be taken through the equipment and taught safety rules of the gym. They will have fun swinging on the rope, jumping on the trampoline, going through obstacles, jumping in the foam pit, and much more!

Only hosting parents and parents with children 4 and under are allowed in the gym area

*Parents are not allowed on the equipment.

Time will be allowed for cake, treats, and opening gifts.

All students must have a signed release form by a parent or legal guardian before participation!

Parents will be allowed to set up 20 minutes before the scheduled time of the party. Clean-up should be complete and ready to go at the end of the two hour period. Example: 12:40-3:00 p.m.

Thank you for choosing Northwest Gymnastics to

celebrate a birthday!